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    DUK Aft/Evening Competition Early August

    14th Aug 2018

    Early Afternoon/Evening Dressage competition.

    Open to members and non-members of Dressage UK.

    Members are entitled to prize money (First prize paid to 5 entries or more in the class, Second prize paid to 10 entries or more in the the class)

    Non- members are eligible for rosettes.

    PLEASE NOTE: you and your horse can become members of Dressage UK for a very cheap annual membership fee. (check out

    We find that competitors wish they had joined when they discover the prize money they could have won!!! 

    All entries £12 per class. Please enter and pay online on: Dressage UK members please ALSO type in your entry on, you will NOT have to pay twice, but this will allow you to gain points in their league system.

    We will endeavour to accommodate any requests for early or late times.

    Class 1 Intro A

    Class 2 Intro B

    Class 3 Prelim 7

    Class 4 Prelim 14

    Class 5 Novice 28

    Class 6 Novice 34

    Class 7 Elem 42

    Class 8 Elem 50