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    British Dressage and Unaffiliated Dressage UK - late October 2018

    21st Oct 2018

    Affiliated British Dressage and Unaffiliated Dressage UK Competition to all!


    Affiliated British Dressage classses as per ( entries may be made on

    Entry fees as per website above.

    Class 1 Back in Action Prelim 13Q  £16 entry fee

    Class 2 Back in Action Prelim 14Q  £16 entry fee

    Class 3 Novice 28  £17 entry fee

    Class 4 Dodson & Horrell Novice 30Q   £17 entry fee

    Class 5 Elementary 42  £18 entry fee

    Class 6 Childeric Saddles Elementary 49Q   £18 entry fee

    Class 7 Medium 63  £19 entry fee

    Class 8 Top Spec Medium 71Q



    Unaffiliated Dressage UK classes as follows: ( Dressage UK members please place an entry on www. you cannot pay on this site so you will need to repeat the entry on to pay online) 

    £12 per class  EVERYONE CAN ENTER, EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT A DRESSAGE UK MEMBER ( you will not be eligible for prize money, but will be eligible for rosettes).

    Intro A

    Intro B

    Prelim 7

    Prelim 14

    Novice 28

    Elem 42

    Elem 50