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    Sunday Dressage UK/Unaffiliated Dressage Competition January

    19th Jan 2020

    Dressage UK (DUK) Members are entitled to win prize money.....£30 for first prize if there are 5 members or more competing in the class and £10 for second prize if there are 10 members or more competing in the class.

    Dressage UK is CHEAP AND EASY to join and really worth doing! Last year it was frustrating for some people who hadn't paid the cheap annual membership and lost out on great prize money!

    To be eligible for prize money you MUST enter on and PAY on this site. You ALSO need to put your entry in on the DUK site: - there ISN"T a PAY option on the site, but to qualify for prizemoney you need to do this as this will also entitle you to be part of DUK Points scoring system and to be fair to everyone competing and to stop people 'pot hunting', after a certain amount of wins you will need to move up a level and by entering on DUK this will keep you up to date with whether you are eligible for the class or not. Should you wish to stay at this level, you can still do so but be classed as a non- Dressage UK member and, therefore, be eligible for rosettes only and not prizemoney.

    Class 1 Intro A

    Class 2 Intro B

    Class 3 Prelim 13

    Class 4 Prelim 14

    Class 5 Novice 28

    Class 6 Novice 34

    Class 7 Elem 42

    Class 8 Elem 50

    Entry fee £12 per class LATE FEE £3 extra

    To place an ENTRY see info above.