Results from the MHSC ODE and Show X are as follows:
Class 1 65cm ODE:
1st Jessica Richfield Diamond Blade
2nd Rachel Grieves Jake
3rd Leigh Robinson Acknowledgement

Class 2 65cm Show X:
1st Millie Willcox Fauldshope Kingfisher
2nd Becky Gallon Georgie
3rd Karen Redfearn Alfie
4th Duncan Fisher Dooley
5th Cassie Thompson Capital Boy
6th Beth Allison Fleur

Class 3 75cm ODE Section 1:
1st Amy Young Wise Guy
2nd Emma Carmichael Loughan Ben
3rd Zanthe De Wesselow Honey
4th Molly Bowles Symmons Diamond Black
5th Claire Allan Spooks
6th Caroline Shield N2

Class 3 75cm ODE Section 2:
1st Caroline Scott Midnight Queen
2nd Kate Sawyer Lady Luna
3rd Sydney Bowles Maestro
4th Lauren Hogarth HT Over and Dun
5th Elise Herron Moygrange Dancer
6th Amy Young Riverhill Quest

Class 4 75cm Show X:
1st Beri Wilson Taylor Neo
2nd Tessa Stephenson Bryn
3rd Wendy Kaiser Harry
4th Rebecca Hardacre Holly
5th Cassie Thompson Miccy
6th Rachel Charlton Oyster Catcher

Class 5 90cm ODE:
1st Rebecca Dunn Diamond Fionn
2nd Rebecca Dunn Gingerninja
3rd Louisa Craigs Cochise
4th Leigh Robinson Vanilla Slice
5th = Kay Errington Daisy
Zanthe de Wesselow Rocky
6th Grace Fell Nohovel Diamond

Class 6 90cm Show X:
1st Jess Rayner HT Masterpiece
Reanne Bainbridge Mr Magic

All images from the MHSC Event can be viewed on KS Artwork and Photography Facebook page.