Results of the MHSC ODE and Show X

Following on from a great day of competition at The MHSC ODE and Show X, we will be opening the XC for schooling all next week. To book please text: 

07815297024 @ £20 per horse.

The results from all classes are as follows:

Class 1 55cm ODE:

1st Frankie Home Mossop Lily

2nd Emily Scott Blue Savannah


Class 2 55cm Show X:

1st Alison Kinghorn Roger

2nd Annie Lees Copperberg

3rd Jay Pattison Magic


Class 3 65cm ODE:

1st Jodine Milne Reader Caraminta Hill

2nd Kate Sanderson Cruise

3rd Lesley Wheatley Rocky Road Star

4th Dan Davsion Breeze

5th Lizzie Cockburn Patrick

6th Emma Hunter Digger Jake


Class 4 65cm Show X:

1st Nathan Robson Prince

2nd Mia Harding Harry

3rd Edie Fisher Jack

4th Sarah Taylor Jerry

5th Claire Nixon Woody

6th Karen Redfearn Alfie


Class 5 75cm ODE:

1st Karen Redfearn Cue

2nd Gail Brown Zonda

3rd Heather Bainbridge Shadow Glen

4th Sheree Dobson Hazon's Shadow

5th Lauren Clark Dorlyn Beacon Boy

6th Lexi Walker China Doll


Class 6 75cm Show X:

1st Alicia Ingram Luna

2nd Holi Shanks Roger

3rd Sally Anne Nicol Star

4th Maisie Lyndsey Lucky Gray

5th Rebecca Akroyd Harvey

6th Nikita Horne Pixie


Class 7 90cm ODE:

1st Molly Bowles Symmons Cochise

2nd Caitlin Cox Cherokee Rising

3rd Emily Holden Conker

4th Lucy Olson Wilma

5th Megan Coburn Flagmount Oliver

6th Vicky Pagan Vinnie


Class 8 90cm Show X:

1st Simon Manners Joey

2nd Emma Stenhouse Chilli Dog

3rd Grace Oakey Samthan Surething