Show Jumping Results

The results of the Show Jumping Competition held on Sunday, October 4th are as follows:

Class 1 45cm:

1st Carolyn Dean Linnel Frost

2nd Jessica Robinson Henry

3rd Hayley Cook Sophie

4th Rebecca Patterson Harvey


Class 2 55cm:

1st Beth Allison Fleur

2nd Lauren Robinson Quest

3rd Andrew Brown Sam

4th Rebecca Patterson Harvey

5th Mia Harding Maisie

6th Saskia Juric Shani


Class 3 65cm:

1st Hannah Robinson Danny

2nd Ella Jackson Sparky

3rd Kaitlin Forster Duggie

4th Mia Harding Maisie

5th Sam Eke Jacob

6th Beth Allison Fleur



Class 4 75cm:

1st Harri Baker Strider

2nd Beri Wilson Taylor Neo

3rd Rachel Lynn Lucky Lennon

4th Charlie Toon

5th Becci Morgan Thmastown Mist

6th Alison Brown Foxy


Class 5 85cm:

1st Harri Baker Oly

2nd Frankie Home Mossop Trev

3rd Beri Wilson Taylor Neo

4th Kate Carter Shadow

5th Lucy Walby Rusty

6th Emily Varah Carlos


Class 6 90cm Pony Club Dengie:

1st Frankie Home Mossop Trev

2nd Harri Baker Trev

3rd Lucy Grix Alfie


Class 7 95cm:

1st Harri Baker Oly

2nd Annie Smith Lottie

3rd Lucy Grix Alfie

4th Polly Bickerswith Wish